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Roundhouse with Yurt (click to enlarge)

Roundhouse with Yurt (click to enlarge)

Specifications: 20′ diameter yurt with 314 sq. ft. interior, 20′ diameter roundhouse with 227 sq. ft. interior, total = 541 sq. ft. interior, Footprint: 20′ x 20′ plus deck

Description: This is an interesting design with numerous benefits. The roundhouse provides low cost space and a stable base for the yurt. The elevated yurt captures the views and breezes, and eliminates the need for building a roof (which is often an issue for those lacking carpentry experience). The deck adds extended living space and protects lower walls.

Note: this open plan can be arranged to your specifications.

Insulated earthbag foundation
Insulated yurts using earthbags

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