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Zero Energy One Earthbag House

Zero Energy One Earthbag House

Specifications: 846 sq. ft. interior, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, Footprint: 36′ x 48′ not including cisterns

Description: Zero Energy One is a major step forward in sustainable housing. This revolutionary design features zero net energy use, extremely low ‘near zero’ embodied energy and extremely low cost of around $10/square foot (cost of shell, excluding energy systems). This design is the result of years of research in energy efficiency and low cost, alternative building methods.

In contrast, most zero energy homes are in the $1/4 million range, and utilize complex and expensive technologies that are unaffordable to the vast majority. In my opinion, these homes are not truly sustainable due to their size, cost, use of high embodied energy materials and complexity.

Zero net energy use: Optimized passive solar design, balanced superinsulation/thermal mass, earth sheltering, PV panels, solar hot water, airlock entries, wood stove with water jacket runs hot water through built-in bench and bed, solar wall oven, cool pantry, roofwater catchment, energy-efficient appliances, indoor herb and flower garden, optional composting toilet and greywater recycling.

Near zero embodied energy construction: Earthbag construction using recycled grain bags and other recycled materials, earth, gravel, scoria, earthen floors, earthen interior plaster, lime exterior plaster, pallet wood trusses (non-code building areas, otherwise factory trusses), rice hull roof insulation, recycled content metal roofing.

Ultra-low cost: Earthbag construction, recycled and locally obtained non-toxic natural materials, owner-builder friendly, low tech solutions.

Shown with optional Survival Shelter and concealed entry.

Optional living wall on exterior of south wall. Details coming soon.

Zero Energy One East Elevation

Zero Energy One East Elevation

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