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Enviro Earthbag Dome

Enviro Earthbag Dome

I’m gradually converting my basic hand-drawn plans to AutoCAD and SketchUp, starting with the most popular designs, and making them available at no extra cost. I think you’ll agree there is much improvement. It’s more than just visual effects. Plans are being tweaked based on reader input. The Enviro Dome, for instance, now has a small (optional) pool in front that collects and stores rainwater.

Computer generated plans currently available through Dream Green Homes:
Enviro Dome, Native Spirit, 2 Pod and 3 Pod, U-Shape, Subterranean Survival Shelter, Zero Energy One, Zero Energy Two, Peace Dome, 10 meter Roundhouse, Hexagonal/Roundhouse, Modern Earthbag House, Green House, 2-story Roundhouse, Chonburi, Spiral House, Farmhouse, Garage/Apartment, Barn-style, Roundhouse Studio, 1.5 story Roundhouse, Sweet Spot 2, Farm Guesthouse, Wilderness Cabin, Tinyville, , Mediterranean, Beachcomber , Arc House, Double Wide.

Roundhouse/Dome Cluster should be completed very soon.

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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.

A lot has happened in the last year since I started this blog, as you can see. There are now 110 plans to choose from. The next step is to complete the elevation drawings, of which about 50 have been finished so far. The most popular designs are then being turned into AutoCAD plans.

If you are wondering where to purchase these plans, most of my plans are available through Dream Green Homes.

I added a new page on Building Details to better explain my plans and ideas. Hope this helps. And be sure to also read the Introduction to learn how you can build these plans for around $10/sq. ft. (materials only) if you do the work yourself.

All home plans use natural building materials such as earthbags, earth plaster, earth floors, recycled materials, lava rock (scoria) and rice hulls to keep costs to a minimum and reduce our impact on the environment.

Please note: Details like porches, decks, etc. have been deleted for the most part so drawings better fit the limited space on this blog.

Also note, the plans are in no particular order. Some of the best plans are buried on the last (first) pages. You may find it easiest to browse by Categories — Domes, Roundhouses, etc. — by using the menu in the right column.

This site is set up to gather your feedback. I look forward to hearing your comments!

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